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by someone standing over him. >> defense lawyers have been planted throughout the trial that she might have accidentally shot herself. the final witness scheduled to testify for the prosecution. >> woman spent 11 years as a fugitive and is being held without bond. a court hearing is scheduled on friday for the 45 year-old. she was arrested by police investigating a traffic accident. she is a former employee of the medical center in aurora. she is charged in a fraud and forgery case. she is accused of cash in more than $10,000 worth of checks made out to former hospital employees and job back quickensapplicants. reported >> no major disruptions in its schools as the illinois standard achievement test underway. a multi day exam required. some teachers and parents say the testing is a waste of classroom time. the current version of the test will be phased out. officials had threatened to force boycotting teachers from the school buildings. they were allowed to stay and teach students who did not take the test. at least 1500 students from 80 schools reportedly opted not to take the test. re
in the dark. a neighbor testified that she will come up at 3:00 a.m. to screams and gun fire. defense attorneys say the testimony did not match her earlier statement to police. >> i also heard a man screaming for help. >> it is quite clear from your version that you are not sure what you know. you are speculating carrier trying to close of the gaps. faces life in prison if convicted. >> police still searching for suspects in a deadly knife attack at a train station in china. 29 people were killed and 130 others were wounded on saturday. at least 10 people carrying knives and cleavers ran into the crowded station hacking at everybody in their path. police killed four suspects and wounded a female suspect. authorities say the separatist group from northwest china was behind the attack. a teenage daughter celebrated her family's legal victory with a brand on facebook.rant on facebook. >> he agreed to keep quiet about it. his daughter broke the news on facebook. that included a lover is now officially paying for my vacation. the school took the family to court for breaking the confidentia
an internet web site to meet women. the defense is challenging the way blood gun powder residue and physical evidence was handled. >> the fbi has reportedly taking a look at the case. the sun times reports the special prosecutor turned over as evidence to the fed's last june. the nephew of the former mayor pleaded guilty last month to throwing the punch that led to his death back in 2004. he says some officers were involved might be under investigation. the person shot and killed near a high school is identified. the victim is a 17 year- old from gary indiana. he was shot sunday night. he was rushed to the medical center and pronounced dead. police are looking at surveillance cameras for possible suspects. >> chicago police are looking for two gunmen who shot a woman at a bus stop during an attempted robbery. >> police say they were trying to take the woman's purse while she was waiting for a boss. she was shot twice and taken to the hospital. chicago >> police are questioning a 22 year-old suspect in a pair of robberies. surveillance captured these photos. he is believed to have dropped to
. the defense says that she is just going along with her husband statements. she claims that she is being totally honest. another neighbor also took the stand saying that she heard yelling for one hour. he admits that he killed his girlfriend but insist that he mistakenly thought that he was shooting at a burglar. he has pled not guilty. >> the study suggests one out of five american soldiers suffer from some sort of mental disorder prior to enlisting in the army. researchers say many of them had bouts of depression or panic disorders or live with adhd. the researchers found people who enter the army intended to be more aggressive and get into more fights. one out of 12 even considered suicide. the army needs to do a better job of screening recruits. president obama has unveiled a new four trillion dollar budget. >> president says tax changes would benefit working poor had students and those saving for retirement. >> it is even less likely now sense is a midterm election year. >> have there still time. pain at the pump. gas prices continue to rise. we're making a mardi gras favre.klienlvi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4